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Brighton MA

February 25, 2008

As was recently mentioned in the KRUI blog, Mission Creek Music Festival 2008 is right around the corner, hitting Iowa City April 2-5. The fest has grown considerably. Cursive and Dan Deacon are performing this year, and they’re no small timers. The most exciting prospect for this year’s MCMF, though, is the return of Chicago-based Brighton MA, whose Picador performance last year stole the show on the festival’s final night and displayed rare potential. The band is currently working on their first LP (with mixing going in John McEntire’s Chicago studio [drummer: Tortoise, The Sea and Cake]) , which should hopefully come out by year’s end. Currently their self-titled EP is out in select stores (mostly in Chicago), and most certainly a proud member of the KRUI rotation (call in, request it, it really can’t be played enough).

What does Brighton MA sound like? At times (at their best), like a very fortunate and iconoclastic marriage of Dylan, My Bloody Valentine, and The Beatles, with everything played in an end of the world, make or break, edge of existence, sudden death kind of way. Listen for yourself though, I urge you, and form your own other-artist-referencing opinion of this much attention worthy outfit. Their MySpace link is posted below, and comes with the heavy recommendation that you listen to “Bet You Never Thought,” and listen to it a lot.



Mission Creek

make sure to check this out too, it’s a video interview kind of thing with BMA frontman Matthew Kerstein. If you’re not big on promo fluff, skip to 2:06, when Kerstein plays a new song, “It’s Not Our Fault,” and plays it exceedingly well.


***KRUI congratulates an alumn, former Administrative Director, now “Juno” screenwriter Diablo Cody for winning moments ago the Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay.***

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