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Concert Review: The Redwalls

March 29, 2008

The Redwalls have been rocking concert venues since 2001, beginning in the local bars of suburban Chicago, leading to tours with Oasis and consecutive appearances at Lollapalooza. Their flare for performance was obvious at The Picador last night, where the crowd refused to let them leave without several rounds of encores.

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Opening the show were Old Panther, The Robbery, and Max and the Marginalized, as is typically the case, the music quality grew from bad to good to better. With the opening chords of The Redwalls’ first set, brilliant had finally arrived. The Picador was instantly throbbing with eager fans and as the drums and base sent deep vibrations down the audience’s spine, the tinny, sultry voices of The Redwalls created the perfect effect.  A previously lackluster crowd became one for the record books as each song (and each beer) added to the collective glee. The band put on a well-rounded show, playing some of their older songs; hits like Thank you and Build a Bridge, as well as a few from their newest self-titled album released in October 2007. Opening for the round of encores was a cover of New Order’s Bizarre Love Triangle, in tribute to The Redwalls’ cover band roots.

They ended the night with the audience still wanting more and a promise to be back soon. The undeniable talent of The Redwalls combined with their energetic stage presence creates one of the best live shows around. Next time they are in town, don’t even think about passing them up!

(Victoria L.)

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