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Album Review: Cut Copy, In Ghost Colours

April 15, 2008

Cut Copy

     If the sound of Cut Copy’s instantly appealing new release In Ghost Colours (their second album, and a big improvement over their enjoyable but somewhat stolid debut Bright Like Neon Love) were to be encapsulated in a conversation, it would go something like this:

(Somewhere in the history of 20th century pop, a telephone rings.)

“Hello, yes?”

“Hey, yeah, is this New Order?  From the ‘80s?”

“Er, yes, yes it is – who’s this, please?”

“Hey man, it’s disco!”

“Disco?  Is that really you?  I thought you were dead!”

“Nah, man, I’m feeling great lately, you know, I’ve really been up and around the past couple of years.  Hey, listen, are you busy tonight?”

“Well, not particularly, no…”

“Far out.  All right, listen, New Order, I’m getting all dressed up tonight, I’ve got like some green glitter eyeshadow on, some of those sorta skinny jeans…”

“Wait – really?  Disco, that’s a bit – that doesn’t sound like how I remember you.”

“I know, man, I’m changing my style, you know?  I’m feeling new wave.  So listen, tonight I really wanna go kinda pop.  You feel like getting wasted?”

“Well – sure, I suppose so.  D’you want me to wear the ‘Blue Monday’ number, or…”

“Hey, anything, baby, anything’s cool.  Bring it all.  So we’ll get trashed, and then it’s time to party.  We’re gonna go clubbing until 5 AM, all right?  It’s gonna be outta sight.”

“All right, sounds brilliant, actually!  Where are we going?”

“James Murphy from LCD Soundsystem is DJing at a place in Melbourne.”

“Sounds completely ace.”

“Right on!  See you tonight, New Order.”

“All right.  Er, disco?”


“Were you serious about the glitter eyeshadow and everything?”

“Oh, you wait, New Order.  Trust me, tonight’s gonna be dynamite.”



Bottom line: Jubilant, flexible electro-pop hooks with rubbery basslines, distorted guitars, and shiny synth, with solid percussion to back it all up.  Cut Copy is going to make you dance, and you’ll have a good time doing it.  What more can you ask?

Highlight tracks: “Out There On the Ice,” “Lights and Music,” “Unforgettable Season,” “Hearts On Fire”

Score: 90%

(Ellen H.)


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