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Show Review

May 28, 2008

KRUI Marketing Director Pat Quinn spent his Memorial Day at agreat show at the Congress Theatre in Chicago (photo by Becky Randle)…. 
Memorial Day weekend in Chicago is a great time for burgers, brats and all things America. This particular Memorial Day weekend was also a great time for rock music. The Honda Civic Tour rolled into Chicago on Friday for a two night stint at the Congress Theatre. The show, headlined by pop/rock superstars Panic at the Disco, sold out both nights and included other acts, Phantom Planet and The Hush Sound.While that lineup alone is enough to send every young rocker into a frenzy, the people over at Honda enlisted up and coming rockers Motion City Soundtrack to open right before Panic. Ever since their single “Everything is Alright” off their sophomore album, Commit this to Memory, broke into to the pop rock scene the fan base for the Minneapolis based quintet has steadily grown larger and larger. This was all too apparent with their performance on Friday night. The band came onto deafening chants which made it obvious that everyone wasn’t just there to see Panic at the Disco. The guys opened with a cut from their debut album, I Am the Movie, titled “My Favorite Accident,” a fan favorite and one of lead singer/songwriter, Justin Pierre’s more intimately penned songs. From there the band focused on playing songs off their newest album, Even if it Kills Me. Singles such as “This is For Real” and “Broken Heart” were greeted with the sold out crowd singing along to every word. There was no lack of showmanship as the set included a MCS staple synthesizer hand stand from synth player Jesse Johnson. The set was solid aside from the surprising omission of “Capital H.” Other songs such as “Attractive Today” and “Make Out Kids” might be better off being substituted next time around, but it is hard to get all the good ones in when you only have 45 minutes to play. All in all it was another chapter in the Motion City Soundtrack book of “How to Play an Amazing Rock Show” and their performance definitely set the bar high for Panic at the Disco afterwards. If you have a chance to check these guys out on this tour or further on down the road, do it. You won’t be disappointed.

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