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Aseethe In-Studio

September 21, 2008

“Black Heart”, by Aseethe

Aseethe is a one man project started by Brian Barr in mid 2007. After spending five years touring in underground hardcore bands such as Law Of All Ends and Girls Of Camanche, Brian decided to leave the genre behind.

Still utilizing the ominous sound of past bands, the project became denser with each added layer of guitar, synth and found sounds. Abandoning the normal song structure, Aseethe takes a more operatic approach. Movements come and go between ambient soundscapes. His sound is often compared to such seminal bands as Jesu, sunn0))), and Godflesh.

Aseethe will be interviewed on the air at 6PM, Tuesday September 23 during Ian MacMillan’s metal and hardcore show Invisible Time Lines. Tune in to hear songs off of Aseethe’s upcoming releases, as well as for chance to win a pair of tickets to see Aseethe play at The Picador that night with Shores of the Tundra, Mauul, Disgruntled Noisebox, and Molly Ringwald (19+, 9PM).

KRUI – Extra Trivia Tidbit: Brian/Aseethe designed KRUI an awesome poster which can be viewed here.

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