A couple notes about that day we came in. We were starting on the last week of our tour and finally heading back west to California.  Our bassist had dropped off the tour the day before to spend some time with his family, and a friend of ours had flown out to meet us and fill in.  We were a bit tired and cranky, definitely hungry, and at each other a bit.  We had three stops that day: Daytrotter early in the afternoon, a radio interview at the University of Iowa, and then we were playing at the Picador in Iowa City that night.  It was definitely one of the crazier days of the tour. We got to the club early to soundcheck, and we waited forever for the sound guy.  When he finally showed up, he was clearly intoxicated.  We heard from someone, maybe a bartender, that the sound guy was busted up because he had been dumped by his girlfriend.  We probably should have caught on to what was going to transpire that evening, but we were arguing with each other and didn’t catch the hint.  So, as we’re playing our set — there was actually a really good, rowdy crowd and we were getting pretty amped up onstage.  Tricia was having a tough time hearing herself and kept asking the sound guy to turn up the monitors a bit.  After four songs of asking for this, we realized that the sound guy was nowhere to be found.  We asked the crowd if anyone knew how to work the board and some people were trying to help.  By the last song, Tricia was so fed up, she threw the microphone to the ground and kicked it. We then proceeded to get into a huge screaming match with the sound guy — even the crowd was yelling at him.  He approached the stage, just wasted, and we basically told him that if he got anywhere near us, he was gonna get his ass kicked.  (Knowing myself and Ben, who was playing bass, makes it very funny that we were literally threatening this guy.)  I’ve never been in a fight in my life, but the alcohol was in full effect.  50 F-bombs later we were out the door with like 80 bucks and a bunch of beer.   We drove all night through a huge thunderstorm — this was the time when there were a bunch of tornadoes across the Midwest and we seemed to always be a day ahead or behind them, but always in a storm. It was just a weird stretch of the tour.