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Daytrotter Barnstormer Send-Off Show

October 5, 2009

portobrienpostersmallDaytrotter will be kicking off their Barnstormer II Festival this Monday evening (the 5th) at 6 PM in West  Liberty, IA. Many  notable bands will be performing, including Port O’Brien, Nurses, Brooks  Strause, and Drink Up Buttercup. And yes, they will all be playing in a barn. It is hard to miss an event like this.

Nurses is an up and coming trio from Portland, Oregon who have  been featured on NPR and Pitchfork. Port O’Brien is out of  California and are on the eve of releasing their new  album entitled Threadbare. Many of us have heard their hit single, I Woke Up Today from their previous release and even on a commercial advertising for Dulux Paint.  Brooks Strause is a fellow local folk rock artist right out of Cedar Falls, Iowa and lastly, with the addition of Drink Up Buttercup, catchy indie pop songs will not be missed.

West liberty is only a 10 – 15 minute drive from Iowa City. The Barnstormer will last all weekend long starting Thursday and ending Tuesday in Iowa and Wisconsin. Other bands that are playing the event are Maritime, Dawes, Paleo, and Christopher Denny. You can check out the Barnstormer II schedule here.

Also, KRUI now has a Daytrotter Radio program from 7 PM – 8PM on Tuesday evenings if you havn’t checked it out already where you can listen to a session in its entirety the day before its released as well as many other archived recordings.

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