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KRUI Track of the Week = No Age’s “Life Prowler”

September 20, 2010

It’s been a few years since we’ve heard from the Los Angeles based duo No Age. Their 2008 Grammy nominated album, Nouns, revived the underground alternative/punk movement of the 1980’s and brought it to the forefront of the indie music scene for a new generation of listeners. No Age’s new album, Everything in Between, picks up where Nouns left off, and should further solidify the band as Sub Pop’s brightest shining star in a sky that is flecked with profound radiance. Everything in Between displays the noise and distortion that you would expect with a No Age album, but Randy Randall’s vocals come off crisp and clean over the chaos of cardiac paced drum beats and break neck guitar riffs, a welcome change to the muffled noises of previous releases. The first track on Everything in Between, “Life Prowler”, demonstrates No Age’s frantic play with elegant grace and should satisfy the most embattled war-horses’s taste buds and might even open up a whole other world of possibilities to virgin ears. Please enjoy No Age’s odd video for “Life Prowler” from their new album Everything in Between, released by Sub Pop Records.

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