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Cloud Nothings – Turning On (Released 10/12/10)

October 27, 2010

It seems like 2010 has become the year of the lo-fi pop indie scene, with bands coming out left and right with albums that mimic the rough sound and jagged riffs of Portland’s grunge rock persona. Cloud Nothings, fronted by 18 year old Dylan Baldi, seems to adhere to the trend with its premiere album Turning On. Turning on is filled lo-fi riffs like the distorted melody of “Can’t Stay Awake.” However, it sets its self apart from this year’s trend with an adolescent sound that keeps the music light and sarcastic, rather than overly deep, like the song “Hey Cool Kid.” This track provides a fun sound, with lyrics that contain a sarcastic bitterness.  The sheer talent of Dylan is a reason why this lo-fi pop album should be in the spotlight. The hooks and falsetto that Dylan enthusiastically belts out proves that he is capable of great music. So, if you’re a flannel wearing, eight track playing, garage band rocker, pop this tape in your deck and get ready to jam out to some bodacious tracks.

Emphasis Tracks: 1,4,5,10,11,13.

RIYL: Crooked Rain, Blunt Mechanic, the Strokes

Cloud Nothing//Carpark Records

By David F

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