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Joe Pug @ The Englert 10/19/10

November 8, 2010

Joe Pug, a folk songwriter from Chicago, graced Iowa City for the third time in a year this October. This time, he stopped by The Englert Theatre and played in their new “Intimates” series, in which the audience sits right up on the stage with the performer.

The Englert Theatre was kind enough to let Max Johnson and Kendall McCabe record the whole experience and let them share it here.

The next show in the Intimates Series is on Wednesday, November 10th. Christopher the Conquered and Dewi Sant will be playing and Christopher the Conquered will be stopping by KRUI the day of at 6:00 PM for an exclusive interview.

Opener: Vandaveer

“The Door Was Always Open” by Joe Pug

“Disguised As Someone Else” by Joe Pug

“I Do My Father’s Drugs” by Joe Pug

“Call It What You Will” by Joe Pug

“How Good You Are” by Joe Pug

“Hymn #35” by Joe Pug

“A Thousand Men” by Joe Pug

“The Sharpest Crown” by Joe Pug

“Hymn #101” by Joe Pug

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