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What a Load of Craft / Beauty Shop Fundraiser

December 11, 2010

Sure, you’re up to your neck studying for finals and cranking out last minute papers, but this Saturday, December 11th, offers FAR MORE IMPORTANT THINGS TO DO.

Number one is the “What a Load of Craft 7” fair. Being held in Building C of the Johnson County Fairgrounds, it boasts dozens of craft vendors, a series of “CRAFT DEATHMATCHES” (for both kids and adults), and live performances courtesy of some of the finest local musicians, including Skye Carrasco, Samuel Locke Ward, and the invincible William Elliott Whitmore.

Number two, for those of you in Fairfield, IA, a fundraiser at the always-rocking Beauty Shop in order to “make everything way more legit.” The illustrious punk-electro-dance band Utopia Park will be debuting two new songs and hip-hop savant Lane Weaver will be unveiling his new song “BYLCL SMKFRSH”, so it should be a great night of dancing and bravery.

Here’s a taste of Utopia Park, via a video they just made:

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