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12/13/10: Tim Kasher In-Studio

December 14, 2010

(From L-R) Interviewer Max Johnson, Tim Kasher, interviewer Kendall McCabe

Tim Kasher might be best known as the front man of Cursive, the band that safely guided many of us through our teenage angst. A product of the iconic Omaha, Nebraska music scene, Tim also played in the bands The Good Life, Slowdown Virginia, and Commander Venus. He has contributed to musical projects with the likes of Conor Oberst (of Bright Eyes), Todd Fink and Matt Bowen (of The Faint), Joe Knapp (of Son, Ambulance), and many others in the revolving cast of characters that makes up Saddle Creek Records.

Today, Tim’s hair is just starting to gray and the lines in his face are set a little more deeply than they once were. Kasher is looking older and wiser- and this maturity is reflected in his debut solo album, The Game of Monogamy, which was released on October 5th, 2010.

On The Game of Monogamy, he explores marriage, fidelity, and aging in a way that may be jarring to those who best remember him for the semi-melodramatic, cello-heavy teen anthems he concocted with Cursive. But, given the chance, The Game of Monogamy showcases Kasher in his current state, which is at his sonically cinematic, lyrically unmatched best.

KRUI Exclusive Audio – Tim Kasher In-Studio

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