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Kate Nash In-Studio 11/8

November 13, 2010

Monday, November 8, 2010 :: 4:30 PM – Kate Nash MYSPACE

Songs + Interview with Little Village


Mumford’s In-Studio 11/12

November 13, 2010

Photo by Kendall McCabe

Mumford’s is “the second coming of the apocalypse,” as interviewer Max Johnson put it. Based out of Ames, Iowa, the group is a funk/punk/folk/rock amalgam that specializes in songs that tell stories.

The band talked about the Iowa music scene, their own Ames Progressive project, touring with Sweat Power‘s own Utopia Park this past summer, and their new split with Samuel Locke Ward & The Boo-Hoos.

KRUI Track of the Week = Land of Talk’s “Quarry Hymns”

November 9, 2010

Land of Talk is a three piece band from Montréal, formed in 2006. The band is fronted by powerhouse vocalist/guitarist Elizabeth Powell, who, according to the band’s website, is the daughter of North America’s first ever female alligator wrestler. Over the years, the band has put out a handful of EPs in addition to their debut release, Some Are Lakes, in 2008. On August 24, 2010, they released their sophomore LP, Cloak and Cipher, which was met with many positive reviews and has consistently been charting well here at KRUI.

Land of Talk // Saddle Creek Records

Track: “Quarry Hymns”

Quick Links on Land of Talk:

La Blogothèque Take Away Show

Pitchfork Review of Land of Talk’s Cloak and Cipher

Los Campesinos! In-Studio 10/27

November 9, 2010

Wednesday, October 27, 2010 :: 4:30 PM – Los Campesinos! MYSPACE

Songs + Interview

Tim Fite In-Studio 11/4/10

November 8, 2010

Tim Fite is a little hard to define musically, but the man has a heart of gold and an imagination the size of Wyoming. Tim plays a perplexing blend of hip hop/indie rock/pop that lays down gritty but often fun social commentary. About twenty local high school students from Iowa City’s own West High came into the studio to watch Tim lay down some vocals over his pre-recorded beats on three separate tracks, each one intricate and hilarious. Tim’s KRUI studio performance is definitely one of the most unique and excellent in-studio’s that KRUI has ever come across. Tim brought down the house at the Mill last Thursday with his home-made movies, fan interaction, and overall stellar performance. You can also download several of Tim’s albums for free at his website by clicking here. If you haven’t checked out Tim Fite now is certainly the time. KRUI’s own Drew Ingersoll is the maestro behind this zany interview with avant-garde rapper/musician Tim Fite.

Tim Fite Interview/Performance (11/4/10)

Jay Farrar In-Studio 11/3/10

November 8, 2010

Alt-country/americana music pioneer Jay Farrar graced KRUI with his presence last Wednesday for an interview and a two song set in KRUI’s studio. Jay started his music odyssey in high school with Jeff Tweedy (of Wilco) in a little band know as Uncle Tupelo. Little to Jay and Jeff’s prognosis, Uncle Tupelo would go on to achieve critical acclaim and even positioned Jay and Jeff as the grandaddy’s of an entire music genre. After Uncle Tupelo’s break-up, Jay formed the band Son Volt which would achieve critical acclaim in its own right. Jay stopped by Iowa City to play at the Mill for a packed house; the gig was the first of a two week tour around the Midwest. We had a few laughs, a few cries; talked about lifting weights while wearing spandex (not joking). KRUI landed a big fish (or living music legend) so stop in and smell the tuna! Both of Jay’s acoustic songs can be found on Son Volt’s 2009 album American Central Dust.

Jay Farrar Interview/Performance (11/3/10)

Joe Pug @ The Englert 10/19/10

November 8, 2010

Joe Pug, a folk songwriter from Chicago, graced Iowa City for the third time in a year this October. This time, he stopped by The Englert Theatre and played in their new “Intimates” series, in which the audience sits right up on the stage with the performer.

The Englert Theatre was kind enough to let Max Johnson and Kendall McCabe record the whole experience and let them share it here.

The next show in the Intimates Series is on Wednesday, November 10th. Christopher the Conquered and Dewi Sant will be playing and Christopher the Conquered will be stopping by KRUI the day of at 6:00 PM for an exclusive interview.

Opener: Vandaveer

“The Door Was Always Open” by Joe Pug

“Disguised As Someone Else” by Joe Pug

“I Do My Father’s Drugs” by Joe Pug

“Call It What You Will” by Joe Pug

“How Good You Are” by Joe Pug

“Hymn #35” by Joe Pug

“A Thousand Men” by Joe Pug

“The Sharpest Crown” by Joe Pug

“Hymn #101” by Joe Pug